Director: “I expect to learn a lot for the young journalists to discover new things, new people and become a better writer”

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Ana Navarro and Irene Rodríguez are the new Lestonnac Junior Report’s directors and today we interview them about it

“Sincerity and lies are two equally dangerous tools, but one is respected and the other contemptuous”. With this successful appointment of Josep Maria Espinàs we gonna proceed to interview the two directors of this magazine. Questions from the most solemn, to discovering their true motivations.

(Lestonnac TGN Report) – If you were going to a desert island, what three things would you take for yourself?

(Irene Rodríguez) – If I were to a desert island, I would take a knife, a pot and a blanket. I’m not sure to what extend they would be useful but these are the only things I can think about.

(Ana Navarro) – A notebook, mango seets and my camera.

(LTR) – Why did you decide to become one of the newspaper’s director?

(IR) – I think this is an experience that will change my school’s vision as well as will help me to improve my communication and writing skills.

(AN) – I thought it would be a very interesting experience which would allow me to be part of a great team and to learn in a different way than usual. I’m also very fond of leading and sharing everything I have to offer to others. It makes me happy.

(LTR) – What do you expect from this project?

(IR) – I hope to make great friends and to get to know different students from my school, while expressing myself through written pieces and learning a whole lot.

(AN) – I expect to learn a lot for the young journalists to discover new things, new people and become a better writer.

(LTR) – If you could ask a question to whoever you wished, who would that person be?       

(IR) – It depends. There are a lot of people to choose.

(AN) – If I had to chosse one person, it would be Martin Luther King and I would ask him what is the key for being such a charismatic leader.

(LTR) – What are the difficulties and gratitudes of this magazine?

(IR) – The difficulties will be to be able to manage the big group we are, given that everyone is very energetic and has a lot of ideas to share that need to be put in order. The gratitudes will be many, like sharing a wonderful time with people who are eager to write and to let the world be aware of what goes on at the school. 

(AN) – Difficulties like a lot of organisation and time, but it’s beatit. I wanna see the kid’s innocence, and also their tireless spark of discovering.

(LTR) – What book have you read today that you would recommend?

 (IR) – A Chronicle of a Death Foretold, by Gabriel García Márquez. I really enjoyed it reading this book because it gave me a new sense of what kind of a classic is. 

(AN) – I would recommend Ikigai.

(LTR) – If you were to say something to yourself for ten years, what would you say? 

(IR) – Although your eternal perfectionism, I’m already so proud of you.

 (AN) – I’d say I’m sorry for being so hard on myself.

(LTR) – Are you already organizing the opening of the magazine? How will it be?

(IR) – We’re still working on it. It needs a lot of organization so, as beginners in the field, we’re trying and looking for ideas that can make the Magazine Opening an awesome day.

(AN) – We are still thinking about the way we want it to go, but we are sure we will all have a great time and get to know each other better. It will be the beginning of an awesome year. 

(LTR) – The culture is very broad, specifically seven arts. What defines you most?

(IR) – I’d say literature since writing is my best way of expression and finding calm. 

(AN) – I would say painting, if anything, because I’m a very visual person and learning is easiest for me when I see things, rather than when I hear them.

(LTR) – If you had a flight waiting for you, where would you go?

(IR) – Probably Argentina. I haven’t come back in nine years and it’s a plan I’ve been carrying on mind for long now.    

(AN) – I would go to Chile, since I lived there for almost three years. That way, I would get to visit my friends and my favourite places.

(LTR) – How could we make this magazine help improve this society, within poverty, inequality, injustice …

(IR) – It’s extremely hard to solve social problems but easy to contribute with little efforts that get to a change. I think the only action of getting together with a group of committed and curious children is a big step, since they open not just to learn and discover but to communicate and make the world aware of what’s going on.

(AN) – It’s too hard to tight social problems with just a magazine, but it is a way of showing prospect journalists the problems that exist in our sociality, and make a aware of their importance

Soc l’Alèxia Piñol Matas de 4t d’ESO. M’agrada llegir i com a consequència escriure. Encara no m’he llegit tots els clàssics rusos o anglesos, però és un dels meus propòsits. Estic a la secció de cultura per tal de respectar-la i apreciar-la cada cop més i aprendre’n d’aquesta. Ja que, com més aprenc, més descobreixo tot el que desconec i m’agradaria aprendre. Com digué Isaac Newton”el que sabem és una gota d’aigua; el que ignorem és un oceà.” I per tal de crear nosaltres un oceà de coneixament i cultura, farem d’aquesta secció aquest oceà, descobrint així cada setmana una mica més amb els lectors. Sóc aquell tipus de persones que començo moltes llibretes amb moltes idees i no les acabo mai: ni les llibretes, ni les idees. Però, qui no?

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